"Chickadee" Veg Tan


Image of "Chickadee" Veg Tan

Benjamin Bott Chickadee ultra minimalist wallet holds 3-4 cards and a little bit of cash. Hand stitched with a saddle stitch on the side and a cross stitch across the bottom.

Suggested Treatment:
-One day of direct sunlight per side.
-Two coats of Mink or Neatsfoot oil.
Mink for darker red tones - Neatsfoot for lighter yellow tones
-One coat Leather preservative (I use Obenauf’s on my boots and wallets)
-Let your wallet fully dry and you're ready to go

Shown in
-Veggie Tan
-Stitched with Seal
-Lifetime stitching warranty


  • Turquoise Thread
  • Olive Green Thread
  • Royal Blue Thread
  • Seal Thread
  • Lark Thread
  • Scarlet Red Thread
  • Emerald green
  • Violet purple
  • Old Brown
  • Orange


Image of "Chickadee" Veg Tan Image of "Chickadee" Veg Tan Image of "Chickadee" Veg Tan Image of "Chickadee" Veg Tan