“Pelican” Vegtan


Image of “Pelican” Vegtan

The Benjamin Bott “Pelican” is a unique twist on a card case style wallet. With the top and bottom open design it allows for the cash to be only folded in half and can slide in from either side. The 4 card pockets make it easy to organize your cards and the cards help pinch the cash in place.

Shown in
-Wickett & Craig Russet Harness
-Stitched with Orange
-Lifetime stitching warranty


  • Turquoise Thread
  • Olive Green Thread
  • Royal Blue Thread
  • Seal Thread
  • Lark Thread
  • Scarlet Red Thread
  • Emerald green
  • Violet purple
  • Old Brown
  • Orange


Image of “Pelican” Vegtan Image of “Pelican” Vegtan Image of “Pelican” Vegtan Image of “Pelican” Vegtan