"Wren" Natural Veg Tan


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Benjamin Bott Minimalist Wren Wallet is designed to comfortably carry 6–8 credit cards and cash in the front pocket. Hand stitched Natural Veggie tanned leather with a moccasin style stitch in your choice of nine color options. Wren Wallet will patina beautifully over time.

Natural Veggie tanned leather will change color as it's exposed to sunlight, finger oils, and denim. Wallets made with Veggie tanned will begin to age and patina almost right away as they're put to use. Your wallet will arrive UNTREATED and can be used that way, but I strongly suggest following these steps to treat your wallet before using it. This will not prevent patina for happening on your wallet; it will only help it to wear more evenly.

Suggested Treatment:
-One day of direct sunlight per side.
-Two coats of Mink or Neatsfoot oil.Mink for darker red tones - Neatsfoot for lighter yellow tones
-One coat Leather preservative (I use Obenauf’s on my boots and wallets)
-Let your wallet fully dry and you're ready to go

Shown in
-Natural Veggie Tan
-Stitched with Olive Green
-Lifetime stitching warranty

Please allow 5-7 days to ship


  • Turquoise Thread
  • Olive Green Thread
  • Royal Blue Thread
  • Seal Thread
  • Lark Thread
  • Scarlet Red Thread
  • Emerald green
  • Violet purple
  • Old Brown
  • Orange


Image of "Wren" Natural Veg Tan Image of "Wren" Natural Veg Tan Image of "Wren" Natural Veg Tan